Lup Shun Metal & Plastic Ware Factory was founded in 1972 in Hong Kong and mainly produced light up toys as well as many novelty toy items.

In 1980’s the company moved its production plant from Hong Kong to Shen Zhen and expanded successfully.

In 1990’s Lup Shun focused in research and development on toy projector and viewer and its products became well known for its innovative ideas and quality in the industry. Moreover, the company introduced “View Magic” in 2006, brand name for its projector and viewer products, and the brand was well established in the market.

In 2010 the company relocated its production plant from Shen Zhen to Dongguan in order to improve its hardware and efficiency. The plant complies with international quality, social and ethical standards.

Today, Lup Shun is continuing to grown, improve and diversify its product and strive to become one of the leading toy providers in the industry.